The Ministries of our Church
The ministries of our church are the life blood of our members and our community.  You will want to become involved where your spiritual needs can be fulfilled and where you can share what God has done in your life.  Whether it is joining in community service or becoming part of the youth group, we want you to find a place to serve and a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Be sure you check out the ministry opportunities we have to offer!

Adventist Youth Society
The youth leader as a follower of Jesus must exemplify the graces of a genuine Christian, with a burden for soul winning and a contagious enthusiasm. In helping motivate the youth to work together and take responsibilities, the leader works in the background—guiding, counseling, and encouraging the youth in developing a closer relationship with God.

Adventist Junior Youth Society
The activities of the Adventist Junior Youth Society include good reading, Bible study and Bible quizzes, music, and programs developed by the youth from resources available from the teacher and the local conference/ mission/field Youth Ministries Department.

Adventurer Club
A sampling of activities as presented in the Adventurer Manual includes special day trips, study and application of Bible stories, talent shows, nature activities, crafts, social skills development, and many others. The club has its own flag, uniform, emblems, award patches, and pins and scarves which are different from Pathfinders and must not be mixed or confused with the Pathfinder items. An entire component of the club activities involves parental training in child development, and understanding how to be the model Christian parents all wish to become.

The Pathfinder Club is part of a world-wide co-ed scouting type organization sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Juniors and teens in grades 5-12 of any religion, or none at all, are welcomed and encouraged to join this ministry.

Education Ministry
Vision: The vision of Christian Fellowship S.D.A education department is to develop a system where each student will be nurtured, guided and encouraged in a spiritual learning environment. Our children will be armed, equip, and empowered with the word of God. Through the guidance of spiritual educators, they will be nurtured and mentored to become Disciples of Christ and make a difference in our society.
Mission: Our mission is to ensure that each child in our church gets the opportunity to attend a Seventh - day Adventist school. We will assist each child financially, spiritually, prayerfully in obtaining a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education. We will work collaboratively with the pastor and other department leaders and educate church members about the benefits of Christian education.

Family Life
The role of the Family Life secretary is to represent the needs and interests of families through membership on the church board, and to coordinate Family Ministries plans with the overall church program.  They must also have the ability to identify church and community resources which foster relational growth and provide help to meet critical needs, and to heighten awareness of these resources among church leadership and families.

Heath Ministries is not only about assisting our members with living healthier, happier lives; it is also about reaching out to the surrounding community.  From demonstrating healthy principles at our Sabbath potluck to offering seminars on smoking cessation and stress free living, we want to provide lots of ways for people to lead healthy and happy lives.

Personal Ministry
The Personal Ministries Department provides resources and trains church members to unite their efforts with the ministry and church officers in the final proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Christ. The aim of the department is to enlist every member in active soul-winning service for God.