ONLINE BROADCASTING:  Please remember to give towards our online broadcasting project.  A little bit of faith goes a long way, and $5.00 or more every week from each member will make a substantial difference in reaching our goal.  To make your contributions, please mark “communications” on your tithe envelope and place it in the offering during the offertory segment of the service.  Thank you.

CARE GROUP: They are asking for T-shirts in large and medium sizes and socks for the men who come to the soup kitchen on a weekly basis.

CHILDREN MINISTRIES: Bible Hour and God's Plan 101 will have programs every 2nd and 3rd Sabbath of each month.

JOB TRAINING:   The Hope Program is training in building, retail services, health services, and food services for individuals 24 years and over.  For more information please call (718) 852-9307.

BIBLE BOWL:  The Bible bowl ministry need some young people and young adults to study and play on the team this year. They also need Pee Wees 7 – 9 years old to study the books of Matthew and Joshua.

PRAYER LINE: Elders prayer line every 1st Sabbath of the month at 7:00 am #1-443-453-0034 Access code 443477

EXERCISE CLASS: Will be every Tuesday and Thursday  at 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  If there are any further questions, you can contact Sis. Phyllis Herbert 718-756-5151 or 646-701-1061

JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM:  Anyone interested in joining the team, please contact Brothers Edmundo McKenzie or Sam Farrell.

EDUCATION MINISTRY:  For valuable information on Financial Aid must–do’s for 2015 - 2016, Awesome scholarships for the new year, and FAFSA webinars, please log onto

DONAHUE SINCLAIR SCHOLARSHIP FUND:  The scholarship will assist Christian Fellowship’s students who are attending Adventist and non-Adventist schools.